Year born, location, education?
I was born in Irun (guipuzcoa), but I really never lived there because my family mooved to their motherplace in Andalucia. Where I grew up and learned at the art university of Sevilla that I never finished.
Actually I'm living in Basel and Sevilla.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the joy of doing it. But I've learned a lot from the old masters of painting. And I use to paint the things that I love to touch, feel or live; so I believe this is an inspiration too.

What's your favourite color?
For my one color alone doesn't exist. A color react always in relation to another color and these combinations can make the same color look completely different. It's an interesting science. But i can tell you that I'll never use black when I'm working with colors, just because it's not a color and because you can find visual blacks easily no matter wich technique your using.

When are you the most productive?
After my breakfast at midday till 2 a.m. in between these hours I'm the most productive. I hate mornings for work. For me mornings are for mental preparation or just sleeping.

Where is your favourite vacation-spot?
It's difficult to say because I'm never and always in vacation so I will say the best vacation spot is bed or anywhere where I'm painting.

What kind of music do you like?
I love music! I like soul, salsa, reggae, old school and 90's hiphop, and a lot of things more, but always old music, I love vintage!

Any exhibitions planned
In this very moment it is my first solo exhibition here in Basel after a lot of things I did in the last time. It's called "all the sunny days" and is in Galerie Katapult, and now I'm just waiting for the things to come...

What is your favourite material to work on?
Paper, walls, canvas, wood...

What are your tools? (special pens, colors etc.)
Brouches, acrilic, oil, markets, spraycans... But i realize that I never mix techniques. I always use one for the whole piece, and I swicht tools depending on the mood.
I use to work fast, so one tool, one piece, one mood; tomorrow is another day.


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