Year born, location, education?
1979. cape town. 

How long have u been living there?
so so very long. 

Where do you get your inspiration?
it gets me. textures and violent colors attack me when im sleeping. beggars stab at my heart with restless abandon.  the human race frustrates and inspires me to tears.  the paint i use is mixed with burning dirty holy water and the elusive tears of weeping street children.  a somewhat pagan mixture that i hope to perfect, to evoke dragons and the blissful dark night. 

When are you the most productive?
at night time when there is some calm around me, the days are just so busy therefor i savor my studio night time sessions..  there is something sacred about that right? when the world is sleeping around you. thats when the creative energy can really breathe.  for instance, have you noticed how different the sea is in the day and in the night?  when you are on the beach at night it is like a different place, its taken its true power back, the people are gone with all their messy thoughts and noises, only the sound of the waves can be heard. beating on the shore continuously. the energy shifts in the dark and in the moon. the feminine energy is stronger. 

Where is your favourite vacation-spot?
my husband

What kind of music do you like?
many many beautiful songs

Any exhibitions planned?
- Dégage! Get out! - Galerie Itinerrance, France - 15 April 
- Meanwhile in deepest east anglia thunder birds were go - Von Der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal, Germany - 08 May - September 2011
- City Leaks Festival - Cologne, Germany - September 2011 
- Moniker art fair - London, october
and a solo show in Johannesburg at the end of the year.

What is your favourite material to work on?
wood. im working on wood in my studio now. im totally in love with it.

What are your tools? (special pens, colors etc.)
gold leaf, veneer, oil paint, smoke, sandpaper, graphite, crayon, spraypaint, paper, wood stain things like that.. 


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